The building

Located within the archeological site of the historic city of Nafpaktos, the building housing the battaglia di lepanto boutique hotel was built in 1820 by the architect Dimitrios Kozonis, a prominent figure of the time and functioned as a housekeeping school. The building belongs to the Kozoni Foundation and all these years commercial shops operated until 2008. The building had started to wear out until it came to the Anagnostopoulos family in 2020 and was completely renovated with full respect for history and its special decorative and architectural features. The building is simply decorated internally and externally, retaining all the original features and construction philosophy.

Battaglia di Lepanto.

The building is located within the historic site of the Castle of Nafpaktos. We wanted to build the hotel with the elements inextricably linked to the elements of the historic city of Nafpaktos and that is why we named it battaglia di lepanto a name that is directly associated with this important world event.

Want to see the sights of the area?

Offering an excellent opportunity for exploration and adventure, our hotel has a rich variety of day trips for our guests. From the fascinating history of Ancient Olympia to the breathtaking natural beauty of Nafplio, each excursion offers a unique experience. Explore historic Kalavryta, enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Patras, or indulge in the tranquility of Messolonghi, Tourlis and Ancient Pleirona. For lovers of archaeology and mythology, the full day trip to Delphi is a must experience. Each destination has its own special magic and will certainly enrich your experience of staying at our hotel.